Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tough Love

Showing tough love...when is it too much? Is there a limit to this? I was never a heartbreaker. I used to carry hearts carefully like cupid. I used to make sure that in case I dropped one, some gorilla glue would always be within reach. I would glue it up and continue carrying it. This was a pattern until one day I ran out of the glue. I thought about getting some more, but I decided not too. It wasn't worth it. Dropping hearts and gluing them back up got tiring. Have you ever seen something glued up over and over again? Usually, it looks all dented up, deformed, etc. The original was always the freshest look and feel.

I never used to dropped hearts on purpose. It was always accidental. I remember when someone dropped mine. She had super glue and refused to glue it back up. My tear ducts were under arid conditions. One would have assumed me to be a cyborg not human after she dropped it. I felt something, but it wasn't enough to drain my ambition. I channeled all my energy into my craft. Ever since I did that, Love hasn't been the same for me.

I display tough love to keep the heart carriers at bay. They always want to see what my heart looks like or feels like. I always tell them "this is nothing personal Love, but I don't want your hands around it. Clumsy lovers are hard to detect, so I keep it locked in a cage. What cage you say? The cage of music. Music is my true love, and it deserves every ounce my mind and body holds."

Some understand and leave. Some stay and try to break the connection. It is interesting to see how far one would go to break that connection. This is not a physical connection. This is a spiritual connection I have with my true love. You can't touch what you can't see or begin to understand it. It is foolish of you to think that all my eggs are in your basket. They are not, because eggs are like hearts also, they break easily. I can risk loosing an egg or two, but to loose the whole carton would be stupidity at its highest.

Tough love is not intentional, it is a defensive mechanism. Insecurities have nothing to do with it. I can care less who you are with or will marry at the end of the day. As long as you pay me to perform at your wedding reception, I will remain your friend. I never used to be a heart breaker. I don't consider myself to be. I am just too ambitious to notice you and everyone else standing in line.


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  2. Yea and u broke mine? Please to mend it. I really want u to mend it. I want it to be whole again. I want u to lock in ur cage.To keep it safe and let it be urs. But, if i let it be urs again please do not break it.